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Pucker Love
2015-Apr-18 21:07 - Sweet Desire

This particular day was tiring all I wanted to do was get home. As the hours went by slowly at work all I could think of is how I was longing for his touch. The scrumptious smell of his cologne and his hands that with any touch made my soft body shiver. As I continued to watch the clock with one hour to go, I was anxious and had a sweet desire to please him in every way that I could imagine. Finally! The time had come to go. Rushing down the stairway and down the hall. Speeding down the highway and then home.

As I walked through the door rushing to his arms, given him little time to speak. I kissed his lips, grabbed his hands and placed them on my breast. As he stood touching my breast I started to run my plump wet lips down his body. There in the kitchen placed my lips on his hard penis, going up and down as if his penis was a wet Popsicle. The taste was so good as if his penis had a cherry flavor. Licking his balls and stroking his penis all together made me wet. Twisting and turning it with my hands and then with my tongue licking the head. I could tell he loved every bit of this and it made me more excited. I took one long deep stroke as the penis head hit the back of my throat. There it was a moan of relief and down my mouth the clear like substance

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